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Resure Technology is an AI company based in Santa Clara, CA founded by PhDs and engineers with decades of experiences in deep learning.

The mission of Resure Technology is to revolutionize how business communications such as customer correspondence, inspection reports and insurance claims are written. The company’s first application is Glever.com, which automates the writing of resumes guided by minimal input from the author.

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When writing a document, most of us still type out a letter at a time - not particularly efficient in an era when automation and artificial intelligence can not only ease the task, but improve the output helping eliminate human error. Drawing has evolved over time; first we used brushes, then we had photography, and along came Photoshop, Illustrator, Prisma and all types of AI-powered image generation software. However, when it comes to writing, we still type letters one by one, as if we are unable to improve on what typewriters were able to do years ago.


Writing resumes is only one application of automated writing by deep learning technology. We will try to automate writing in all fields just by providing key information, and having machines control the theme and style of the output. In general, people spend a huge amount of time on writing every day, and we hope to make it much easier across a wide variety of applications.

Why Automated Writing?

In what applications can automated writing be used?

Automated writing can be very useful for nearly all businesses, especially those that frequently communicate with customers or other businesses. For example, an auto repair shop needs to provide reports for customers as well as insurance companies. Writing these reports can be automated if supplied with key information such as type of damage, cost, etc. Or perhaps an online retailer needs to create descriptions for many products. This can be automated by inputting product name, specs and images.

It is based on latest deep learning technology. Take resume writing as an example. We retrieve millions of professionally written resumes from the web, and build a deep neural network from them. This neural network learns how people write resumes: the wording, the skills they highlight, and the flow of their text. Glever.com takes basic information provided by user, such as job title and skills, and produces content just as a live expert would. Only faster, more accurately, and for free.

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